When I am trying to upload the WinXP drivers (or any for that matter) I get
a Winsock 10061 error in Console1. I can upload the drivers in NWADMIN
although I cannot see the XP drivers tab. I was however able to update the
W2K drivers, make a copy. Delete all of the W2K drivers and add WinXP
drivers to the W2k tab in NWADMIN then move them all to the WinXP folder in
sys\ndps\resdir\ENGLISH\Prndrv. It seems to be working, but that seems a
little backassward for updating the drivers.

All of the TID's talk about installing the printer on the workstation. I am
trying to install the drivers to the Resource Management Service.

Server is NW 6 SP5, all other iManager functions seem to work.

Thank you in Advance for your help!

Mike Albitz