Using NW6.5 sp3 and iPrint
We have added several HP5550 in our iPrint environment and two things does
not work:
1. We can choose to print out in set's pages 1, 2, 3 ..1,2,3 .. instead of
1,1,1, .. 2,2,2 .. 3,3,3
but it always print all page 1 first then all page 2 etc. so we have to do
our sorting ourselves.
This goes for PS driver

2. When printing from PCL driver, the problem is as follows: we only get 1
copy. Even if we order for more prints.

Is there a well known explenation on this?
Is it a HP 5550 problem

I guess: If installing the printer on the workstation to directly access the
printer, then this would not be a problem. But this would be bad
IT-management, so please give me an iPrint solution?

Thanks in advance