Interesting. The print job does not leave the NDPS Manager until the
client (iPrint or NDPS) has submitted the job in full. The error you are
seeing would indicate that the iprint client had problems sending the print
job, then said the job was complete. SO, what you are possibly getting is
corruption during the send from the iPrint Client to the NDPS Manager via
the ippsrvr. There are a couple of things you can do to help determine
the problem.

First, The following document:

tells how to use the ndps manager debug display. The option I am thinking
of specifically is the +GATEWAY option. You might be able to see if the
failure happens between the NDPS Manager/Gateway and the printer...

Using the following doc:

You can set up a tracing function with the iPrint client. Here we might
be able to see if the client is sending the job complete. The iPrint
client sends the job via the ipp Protocol "riding" on http. Because the
print job size, at time of submission, is really not known to the client,
the job is sent via http using a method called "chunking". This means,
the job gets sent via http, and when complete, the iPrint client sends a
specific end of file (or transmission) in this case. When this is
received, the IPPSRVR knows to submit this job to the NDPS Manager.

So, knowing this, You could pause output on the printer, or set up the job
to be held on submission. THis was, you can get the printer ready file
held in the "queuing" area on the server. THis area is found by using the
NDPS manager console dialog and screens to see where the Printer Agent
spooling directory is. IF you could get this file, send it to or upload to the ftp server and let
know it is there. THis way we could look at the file, try to submit it to
a printer and see if we have the same problem..

I guess other questions in my mind are, does it happen on the same
printer?? Using a specific application? specific types of jobs?? Or
just large jobs?? Graphics would indicate the job might be fairly large..

> >We have seen the error as well. It only happens on large print jobs

> and
> graphics. For those people who usually have the problem, I have
> installed
> the printer as IP. Hope a fix is on the way!!!!
> We are using iprint with nw6sp2. We are having all kinds of printing
> > issues. Iprint seems to work fine if you only print several pages.

> Any
> > print job that has more than that, it will print several pages and


> it
> > will print an error page. Sometimes it will say syntax error or

> offending
> > command or Stack or Savelevel. I have been working on this issue

> for
> > about 6 months. If we use the printer as ndps without iprint it

> works
> > fine. We are using hp printers. Our printers are more than capable

> of
> > handling the output. I've tried drivers and all kinds of things.
> >
> > Does anyone know how to fix this? If I can't get it fixed soon, we

> are
> > going to say goodbye to iprint.
> >
> > Any help is greatly appreciated.
> >
> > Susan Bacon