You do need the ipp tag in the url. This is the handler tag that tells apache2 what type of request, and the handler (in this case MOD_IPP) Apache module to service the request. check the policy and see if the correct url is in the policy.

The iPrint client is most likely returning this error because the handler did not service the request...

>>> Mats Pålsson<> 6/20/2005 1:37:18 AM >>>


os: WinXP sp2 SWE, Iprint 4.05, Zdm 6.5 sp1b agent
nw65sp3/OES Zdm 6.5 sp1b

Im trying to install an iPrinter from an iPrint policy but it fails.

Installing the printer from th web page is successfull and works great!

But the install fails from the policy.

when checking the ippErrs.txt it says:

2005-06-15 - 14:28:28
Module: spoolsv.exe
Trace Info: ippmain.c, line 11678, thread 000007E4
Routine: IppInterpretUri - Bad URL (not HTTP, HTTPS, or IPP) -
Error: HTTP - Bad URL supplied (not HTTP:, HTTPS:, or IPP:).

2005-06-15 - 14:28:28
Module: spoolsv.exe
Trace Info: ippmain.c, line 9155, thread 000007E4
Routine: GetPrinterInfoWithGoodStatus - Not our printer
Error: Skrivarnamnet är ogiltigt.

But the correct adress should be :

could this be the error; that \ipp is missing between the ip and the
printername ?

and if so ; is this error from the zfdagent or iprint?