Hi all,

Our environment consists of netware 6.5 sp3 servers and W2K station with
Client32 4.90 sp2 or 4.91.

After installing printers on the workstations through the iPrint web
interface all works well accept for the following: When a computer boots,
everytime a user prints for the first time (from any application), the
printer dialogue box (or properties page) takes several seconds to appear.
The printing works well and all subsequent printing works well (that is,
the printer dialogue box appears right away...until the next boot then the
first print will take several seconds again).

It seems that the workstaitons are scaning the network for all available
printers and caches them or something like that. Allthough this is not a
critical porblem, it's certainly anoying.

Anybody else having this problem?