We are preparing to upgrade serveral of our older servers and transfer
data to new hardware. At the same time we will be migrating from NW5.1
to NW65SP3 on the new boxes. We have performed a succesful migration in
our lab but have discovered one problem. The iPrint Agent for our lab
printer, which had been running in our iPrint environment for serval
months with no problem was dropped from the Manager. Yet it remained
in the Directory.

After some searching I think that Ive found out why. You see we move
our RESDIR from out SYS volume to a different volume for space issues.
Nothing new or supprising about that. But what I discovered after the
migration was that the NDPS database for the manager was missing. It
had been moved from the SYS:\NDPS folder to the NDPS folder on our APPS
volume were I have moved our RESDIR. And after I copied the database
back to the SYS volume I ran with the /NOLINKLISTTEST switch and then
the Resyncronize command. Well the printer came back in and all seems
to be well.

Finally my question is this. Why the the MIG-WIZ moved the database to
the NDPS folder on our APPS volume and why did it not update the
database. We are getting ready to do some extensive traveling to
complete this project and we want this to run a bit smoother. Is there
a iPrint Pre-Migration check list out there?

Thanks in advance...