A Madrid wrote:

> Facts
> 1- iPrint is hosted in a NSBS6.5 server at a remote location.
> 2- I have configured iPrint over the Internet with one printer
> connected to the server.
> 3- This NSBS6.5 server has a public IP, but no domain is associated
> to it. 4- I browse the http://public_ip_address/ipp, and the web
> page displays Ok. 5- I click the printer and nothing happens. The
> web page refreshs and thas's all.
> 6- iPrint client is installed in my workstation.
> 7- Users at the remote location can install and print.
> Question.
> Why I can not install the printer?
> Note:
> Users hit, which is the NSBS6.5 server private IP
> address where iPrint is hosted.
> I have to use the public IP instead of the private.
> A. Madrid

NDPSM binds to the first IP only.

Try and do a nat instead from the public number to the private one.

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