I'm searching since a few days about the folowing subject and will be more
than happy to find an answer ....

I would like to use ipp as the way to administer my printers.( in order to
ease the maintenance)
We have about an hundred printers and about 450 users behind.
We administer the access to the printer trougth the rigths of the user's

My users are connected to novell server and NT domain. (2 accounts)
The Nt account is a global account witch belong to the user local profil
when the user log in.

We have install iprint without problem as administrator on the computer.
When we are connected as user without power and when we want to install a
new printer. We click on the printer through a web page.
At the isntallation, we get the error message ;
error message:
acess denied
group error: windows
error code :5

if we move the domain users in the local group users with power, it works,
but we don't want to do this because of security reason.

We've try to increase the rigth of the local group users throutgh the
account stategy.
We add the local group users in the rigth load and unload peripheric
But it don't work

If anyone could help....