I have a WS03 Terminal Server with the iprint 4.05 client installed and
have the 'Terminal Services' configuration set to 'Install Workstation
Only' printers. When this feature is used, I can't share the printer.
If I set 'Install User Printers' you can share the printer. I need our
one printer installed on the remote TS2003 server, accessible to all
users, and shared. If I install 'User Only Printers', can I just install
the printer and it will be available to everyone? This TS has nothing
Novell on it except our iPrint client so I can't use Zen or anything else
to do this and I only want one printer on the machine with the same
driver settings.

Any ideas.

I guess I'm also curious as to what the 'Actual' difference between a
Workstation and User printer is on the TS box. From what I've seen, all
user printers are printable from all users logged in, so what is the
actual working difference other than the sharing option, I really want
the workstation printer with sharing, is there a reg code somewhere?

Thanks in advance.