....or more specifically a Novell OES Linux server running CUPS.

For reasons I don't want to get into here, I don't have IPrint server
running on the OES machine.

Here's what I need to do:

I have a 'print to pdf' postscript NDPS printer defined that forwards
all jobs to a RedHat linux machine with a script that extracts the LPR
options (-J jobname -# numofcopies, etc) determines the user who
printed it, looks up his email address via LDAP querey and then mails
the resulting PDF file to him.

Evidently 'cups-lpd' strips out the LPR command line arguments so I
have nothing to go on.

Someone suggested the I print from the NDPS server to the CUPS server
via IPP. Can such a thing be done? Seems NDPS output via LPR or port
9100 only. Can it output to a "ipp only printer?"

I've tried overriding the NDPS Gateway autoload command to:

NDPSGW PORT=IPP HOSTNAME=opportunity.xtek.com PRINTERNAME=ps2pdf

but "PORT=IPP" still prints to the LPD port.

Please see


for my thread at CUPS.org for more info.

Thanks, Brian