So we now have 3 iPrint servers (out of 53) upgraded to NW65 SP2 from NW60
Since it wasn't until SP4 that XP-Only drivers were introduced, none of my
servers (or their agents) used XP-Only drivers. Since we have no need for
2000 drivers, I'd like ALL of my printer agents to use XP-Only drivers once
their server has been upgraded. Here's what I've been doing after a server
gets upgraded:
-Upload the current set of drivers (including all the approved XP-Only
drivers) to the NW65 SP2 server and reload the broker.
-Use iManager to go into each and every printer agent one at a time and
change the driver, one OS at a time, to the proper settings (2000 and NT get
-Save the changes and go to the next agent.

So - that's boring and takes a lot of time. With 3450 printers in my
organization, I estimate it would take me about 45 hours to make all the
changes. I'm not willing to do that, and neither is my mouse. Too many
clicks. There has GOT to be a better way.

I've looked at PAGEN, but it looks like there is no CHANGE functionality,
only ADD and DELETE - so unless someone can tell me how to do it, that tool
is out of the picture.

Anyone gotta hint for me?


Matt Walkowiak