I have an HP Laserjet 4200 attached to a Windows XP workstation that I
would like to share via Iprint.I have set up the agent to print via port
9100 using the workstation's static IP address. Whenever a print job is
sent to the printer I get the sataus "gateway other problem" for the agent
on the NDPS manger screen and the job won't print. The gateway command for
this agent is "NDPSGW PORT=RAW HOSTADDRESS=xx.xx.xx.xx (workstation's IP
I have also tried setting up the printer to print using LPR as per
TID10060125, as soon as the agent is sarted up I get a status of "LPR
communication failed".
I've also tried the above methods with a Deskjet 5650 and I get indentical
results. What am I doing wrong?