Hello: I recently began a change-over from ndps printers delivered the
traditional manner (i.e. printername.ou.o) and administered via nwadmin32 to
full iprint system (i.e. //printername/serverip/ipp) administered via
ZfD4.x. Distribution works great and for the most part printing has changed

BUT I have some workers who fell their workstations are "dragging". I have
personally witnessed someone trying to print an e-mail from GroupWise 6.0sp5
which took at least 45 seconds to display the printer selection dialog.
BTW, with the old system GroupWise would print directly to the default
printer without user intervention. Know they MUST click through the printer
selection dialog.

Of course I have not had any performance issues. (Ain't it always that

We are running iprint on NW6.0sp5 servers. iPrint has not been upgraded
beyond anything sp5 would have installed. OUr client workstations run XP
and 2000, NW client version 4.91, and iPrint client 4.05.

So, any thoughts?? All help greatly appreciated, Chris.