We have NetWare 6.0 sp5, NDPSM 3.01i, Broker 3.0.9, iPrint client 4.05,
and we are pushing the printers with ZenWorks 4 ir6. I am trying to
figure out how to get the "location" field to populate on WinXP clients.

I have added details to the "Location" field in iManager, and the HP
"Description" field in JetAdmin, but neither seem to populate the
"Location" field on the PC. I do have a few of my printers that did
populate with old information that was in the HP Description field, but
I do not know how to get that to update. I have tried deleting and
letting the printers reinstall, but the info is not updated.

Is this just broken, or is there a way to get it to populate? Thanks for
your help!