Hi folks,

I'm hoping that someone can help me track down the common thread in
our printing problems here. We have an intermittent fault where print
agents just seem to stop working.

Sometimes a printer hardware reboot fixes the problem, and sometimes
it reports an SNMP error and that it cannot ping the printer, but most
times we have to stop and start the printer agent on our iPrint server.

This gives us the impression of unreliability and we end up with very
frustrated users who then ask us to "do your server reboot thingy".

What can we do to start tracking down why this is happening? The
environment is NW 6.5 SP2 in a cluster with file services, iPrint, and
ZfD 4.01b. Nearly all of the printers are HP JetDirects of different
models, including standalone 170x & 175x and embedded 1320, 2100/2200,
and 8150.

Paul Gear, Manager IT Operations, Redlands College
38 Anson Road, Wellington Point 4160, Australia
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