At one of our Elementary schools, I have about 40 printers (Lexmark Optra
E+) attached to workstations. This summer we rebuilt our network. We are
now Netware 6.5 SP3, Zenworks 6.5. We switched from legacy printers to

I have not figured how to setup up iPrint so the printer on these
workstations will respond. A few of them are Windows XP, but a majority
are Windows 98 SE.

Another problem I am having. I have an HP Laserjet 1300 printer. It
attached and set up just fine. However, when the secretary tried to print
reports it will only print 4 pages then stops. She sends the job again,
telling it to start with page 5, and again it only prints 4 pages. Any
ideas what is happening?

Thanks for your help.