I have a NW 6.5 SP 3 server with the broker and printer manager on the same server with iManager 2.5. When I'm logged into iManager and want to create a new (or the first) printer driver profile, select the Printer Manager, click next, I get an error saying the Broker is not loaded, yet, I have confirmed that the Broker is in fact loaded and running on the server. I have no problems loading printer drivers to this Broker on this server, and the Brokers seems to be running "OK". Printers are setup with iPrint, and have a map of the floor that I access to load the printers on workstations. There are about 7 network printers setup on the Printer Manager. This Printer Manager has been used since before iPrint has been introduced, and has been updated, now working as iPrint, Printer Manager...The printer manager was moved to this server from a NW6.5 sp2 server... Since iManager is reporting that the Broker is not loaded, and in reality it is loaded, where should I look to have this error removed and be able to create printer driver profiles? Thanks