System: Netware 6.5 SBS - OES SP3 - Imanager 2.5

When trying to add or delete printer drivers imanager shows me an error:

"Exception saving resource print drivers configuration"
Error for NDPS Library: 1060004h
other error: FFFFFC50h

Doesn´t matter what driver I try (NT, 2000, XP, 95/98) same message.

I already looked at


Here I was told to use NDPSM.NLM dated 19AUG2004 or later.

My NDPSM.NLM is 3.01.14 dated 16Feb2005.

I recently tried the file from iprtnnwpcsp.12c dated 19may2005.
Unfortunately this causes several abends.

Can anyone help me, adding and deleting printers in my RMS?

kind regards