I've got two situations with NDPS/iPrint I don't understand.

Preface - Just finished migrating the first group (5 servers) to OES NW
v.6.5SP3 from v.6.0SP4. Everything (NDPS, etc) was working

1st Situation: I don't know how but one of the servers (NSHS_SRV1)
automagically gets NDPS driver installs after I install the drivers on
server ADMIN_SRV2 which is still a NW v.6.0SP4 box. I go into iManager
v.2.02 on ADMIN_SRV2, add drivers to the broker running on ADMIN_SRV2 and
everything works. I then from within the same instance of iManager
"manage" the broker running on NSHS_SRV1 and see the just installed
drivers. This is repeatable and everything is functional I just would like
to duplicate this on the other 24 servers out there! Would be great to
maintain just one copy of drivers, etc and have it replicated out to the
other servers. I guess I did this somehow - just don't know how!

2nd Situation: After the migration to OESNW6.5 iManager v.2.5 is running on
the newly installed servers. BTW migration to new hardware, etc... When I
pull up the iPrint manager via iManager v.2.5 I can see changes made from
the iManager v.2.02 server. I can see printer drivers, configuration, etc.
When I try to add a printer (to a server not automagically pulling printer
drivers from ADMIN_SRV2) it starts copying the files but at the end of the
file copy I get an error "401 - Not Authorized." If I use the iManager
v.2.02 instance I can add printer drivers, etc to these remote servers


Thx - Owen