I posted this about a week ago in the Zen forum but got to response. Since
this is iPrint related, I thought I'd try again here.

Iprint client 4.0.5
post 6.5Sp1a agent
Novell client 4.91 + post patches.

I push iPrint printers out to the desktops with Zen.
The printers are all set as secure.
This occurs on all of our computers.

On a fresh boot, when a user logs in, the pass-through authentication via.
xtier works and the user is not prompted to login to the iPrint printers.
This works as the documentation says it should.

If the same computer is booted and left at the login screen for a few
hours/over night, when a user logs in, they will get prompted to login to
the iprint printers.

The same "prompt for login" can happen if you logout of the computer and let
it sit for a few hours before logging in again.

Now then, If I cancel the login prompt for each printer, then try to print,
iPrint does not re-prompt for login and it prints normally.

Any clues?