Pardon me if this is a repeat, but my previous post has not appeared. (Do attachments get blocked?)

We have NW65 with sp3. NDPS Manager 3.01n, Broker 3.0.1, iManager 2.5 with MU1, and iprint client 4.05

We have been using NDPS for years and everything is currently working just fine. I'm trying to move to iprint so I'm installing drivers for the iprint printers.

In iManager, I went into manage broker, resource management and added drivers for my printers. I did Win2k and WinXP both from file and from system. No errors and everything appears to have installed correctly.

However, when I go to manage printer, driver, TomCat immediately crashes and I get an error 500, internal problem with CGI gateway.

The logger screen says:
Java: Page fault processor exception occurred while executing class org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap.
State of Registers at Processor Exception:
<lots of numbers here!>
The exception occurred while executing code in: JVM.NLM (50593000)
The exception occurred while running thread: Java_1359 TP-Proc (5EEF54A0)

If I restart TomCat, I can get back into iManager and everything seems ok until I try associate a driver with a printer.

I have tried unloading the resouce management service on the server and reloading. It rebuilds the Driver Table of Contents with no errors.

I have not been able to find this problem in any other TID or forum.

Thanks for any help!