The iPrint server is erroring servicing queues on 2 different servers
(all nw65sp3).

The two servers have been restarted (at quite different times) whilst
the NDPS manager was still up - and I think this has caused the error.

Going into the https://server:8009/PsmStatus/Queue screen I can see
that the 2 servers which have been restarted both show a status of
reconnecting - with a connection number of 1.

I can see other queues are ok on other servers - and those connection
numbers are genuine (our manager is called STAFF_MGR which on serviced
servers has a connection of the number quoted).

Looking at connection 1 on one server showed 'not logged in'.
Clearing this connection has meant a user has come along and re-used
that connection, and this has not resolved the issue. The other server
has a user already using connection 1 so this cannot be cleared.

Are there any other tricks I can try? Restarting the manager I guess -
but with 700 printer agents on the manager it seems harsh to do that
when only a few pa service queues on those servers.

It is also likely that this situation will be encountered again -
servers hosting queues restarting whilst the NDPS manager continues
running. Is this a defect or known issue???