Hello all,

We just updated our iPrint/NDPS server from Netware 6.5 sp2 to sp3
tonight (plus the post sp3 patches).

After the update, I noticed that the iPrint printer install page
(http://iprint:631/ipp) was slightly different than before.
Specifically, the "i" link on the right side now gives a pop-up window
with all the printer information nicely listed in one screen. Two
issues though.

1) While printer installs now work wonderfully in Safari on Mac OS X,
the "i" pop-up window does not work at all (I made sure I had Pop-Up
blocking off). Has anyone else seen this?

2) The "Print Test Page" link from the nw65sp2 iPrint install (that
gave a very nicely formatted test page) is now gone.....I can't seem to
find it anywhere. Any ideas on how I can restore this?

Thanks for any comments.
Andrew Miller
Network Engineer