I have a strange problem that seems to be related to the language version
of the Windows client.

Some facts:
2 Netware 6.5 SP3 (OES) servers configured in cluster.
iPrint running from the cluster volume.
Applied patches: edir8736, tcp859i, cnmgrsp3, wsock6q, iprintjar3,
syscalls3a, nw65os3a, iprint12a, n65nss3a.
Clients are swedish versions of Windows 2000 and XP SP2.
iPrint client 4.05
iPrint client and printers are installed to the clients from the web page
of the server.

When a job is submitted from the Windows client it is placed in the job
queue and is also printed as it should. The job can be followed in the
printer health monitor and may also be deleted there. So far everything
is working as expected.
The problem is when I open the windows control panel/ printers/ <selected
printer>. The printer title bar displays <printername> "Failed to open.
Retrying" (as translated from swedish. I dont know exactly how the text
would read in an english windows client). No print jobs are displayed and
can thus not be deleted. This means that my users have no way to delete
jobs from the print queue!

As an experiment I made a clean installation of Windows XP with SP2,
english version, Installed and configuerad ZoneAlarm as firewall instead
of Windows built-in firewall, Went to the iPrint web page and installed
iPrint and a printer. Everything is running fine and I can see the print
jobs in Windows Printer list.

When I do exactly the same thing with a swedish WinXP with SP2 I get the
problem with not beeing able to see the print jobs in Windows printer
list. The only difference is the language version of Windows.

The problem remains there even if I run all windows updates, install
client 4.90SP2 or 4.91 and disable ZoneAlarm.

I would be really grateful for any ideas on how to solve this problem!