I have iPrint up and running to the point of posting it to a webserver. When I go to either of these pages,
http://servername:631/login/ippdocs/pcontrol.htm or http://servername:631/ipp/ I see all my printers and can install them.

I changed the welcome page of the iprint server to be the iprint page, but I must say, its not what I expected. Its not a page I want my users to see. It looks like more of a page for an administrator.

After having copied my iprint ippdocs folder to sys:\login I thought my users would see those printer maps I made when they went to the server's webpage. (I have 5 or 6 maps due to our multiple physical locations). Ideally, I envisioned one main page with links to each of my maps. I might have to brush up on web design.... For now, my main question is how do I make the printer maps easily accessible to my users to install printers.

Also, I wanted to get these pages on our companies intranet - which is solaris...... is this possible? Or does it have to be just a link to the server hosting iprint?

Thank you