We run a mix of Win2K and XP clients.

One of our printers had the wrong driver associated with it, so using RMS
via NWADMIN we added the correct driver (this was a Win2K/XP driver from
xerox web site), we then associated the correct driver to the printer

Our Win2K systems updated fine, but our XP systems still get the old
driver, we've replaced the driver just in case something went wrong the
1st time, but we can't figure out why our XP clients do not get updated
(we've deleted the printer object on the workstation and let it get
recreated, but it still has the old driver associated with it). If I
look in the ndps\resdir\ENGLISH\Prndrv folder on the sys volume, I can
see a separate winxp folder, a look in the NDPSTOC file has entries for
the old driver but not the new one. The NDPSTOC file in the WIN2000
folder does have the entries for the new driver.

Not sure what we should try next. Any ideas?