We have installed OES Linux on a server in the hopes of making it an iprint
server. It was necessary to open a SR with Novell to overcome one
difficulty (creating a Driver Store), and now I can't create a printer.
Here's the setup:

iManager 2.5 connects to this server no problem.
NoRM doesn't work, but that may be a separate issue.

Have successfully created a driver store and print manager. When I try to
create a printer object, I fill in all the blanks -- we don't run an
internal DNS server, so I use tha IP address of the HP print server
connected to this printer. When I press OK, the next screen says:

Error: Create Printer Failure

Print Manager iPrintMgr.MASON is not loaded.
It must be loaded to create a new Printer Agent.
Select the Manage Print Manager task to load.

iPrint|Manage Print Manager says that the print manager is "active". I
stopped and started the print manager, but the problem persists.

Surely we are not the first to attempt to implement iPrint on OES Linux in
a working environment.

Richard White CNE6