I have installed two Netware 6.5.3 server and patched the one to the
latest iPrint patches. I patched them because of issues with iManager
2.5. Everything works fine on two laptops. The first two I tested with
run just fine. All of the other computers get this 995 error while
trying to install the printers. It is a driver install error. Now,
once in a while the printers will install via the /ipp page just fine.
Then have issues again. I just installed the client on my home pc and
installed the client. Then I coppied and pasted the URL from the /ipp
page and edited the install path from the internal IP to the public IP
and it installed just fine twice on my home pc. Has anyone see this
issue or am I just NUTS! Now all of the pc's except my home pc and my
laptop have ZEN on them. Sometimes the ZEN pc's install but mostly do
not. One of the PC's that works just fine also has ZEN.

We have a special group policy setup to unlock all the doors and make
sure the user is a member of the LOCAL ADMINISTRATORS group. Still no
luck. 50% of me thinks it's ZEN and the other 50% thinks it's iprint.
I just can't believe that no one has run accross this.