We are having some issues with select workstations running NiPrint as the
LPR gateway. We've contacted Network Instruments, but they claim its a
Novell issue. Here's what is happening:

When the LPR software gets to 32 connections, it no longer takes print jobs
and shows as unavailable in iManager. Stopping and restarting the niprint
service fixes this, until 32 connections have been made again. It appears
that the connections are not being closed correctly. Network Instruments
claims that its the Novell print manager that should be closing the
connections and it is not doing so.

Revelant versions:

NW 6.5 SP 2
iPrint v. 3.01 (that's the ndps nlms version number...applied some fixes)
iManager v 2.0.2
niprint 4.0-4.2 (there's two workstations this is happening on, two that it
is NOT happening on).