I'm trying to make a relatively major change in our environment here by

leveraging workstation groups/iPrint policies to automatically add the
appropriate lab printers to the workstation and set the default. Sounds


Everything works great when I log into a workstation with any of my
Administrative user accounts. However, when I log in with a normal user

account nothing gets installed to the system. If the printers were
already populated on the computer, they are still there, but the
default printer is not set; if there were no printers previously
installed on the PC, the Printers and Faxes folder remains empty.

I believe my configs are OK because the policies are working. We do
have two Managers (one for our faculty and staff printers, and one for
our public-access printers in labs), and I've set both User categories
to 1. I've also tried setting that to 3 on both Managers.

I know this will be a huge help to my team, but I need to get it
working properly. Thanks for the coming help.