iprint forum:
I have a network running netware 6.5 service pack 3 servers. The iprint
client being used is version 4.05.00. Users recieve error messages when
installing printers via the default http://serverip/ipp page. The error
occurs on different workstation/printer combinations. So, reguardless of
what user is logged in, the following scenario is occurring: 1.-
workstation A installing Printer A - installation normal. 2.- workstation
A installing printer B - installation fails. 3.- workstation B installing
printer A - installation Fails 4.- workstation B installing printer B -
installatino normal.

Note that Dynamic local user is set up to make all users adminstrators of
the local machine. Also note that the failing printer is random, but once
the printer fails to install on a workstation, subsequent retries to
install the same printer on the same workstation will result in the same

the error message I recieve is:
Error Message: iPrint Driver Install - Unknown installation error (995)
Error group: iPrint Driver Install
Error Code: 995

I have tried different drivers to resolve the issue, to no avail.

I have Ipperrs.txt and ipptrace.txt available if needed.

Interesting excerpts from the ipptrace are: [SYSTEM][thrd=00000D50][
1429140ms][NIPPNT] - InitializePortName - RegOpenKeyEx (PortNames) failed

[SYSTEM][thrd=00000768][ 1430187ms][NIPPNT] - CreateRegistryEntry -
RegCreateKeyEx (PortNames) failed (87)

[SYSTEM][thrd=00000768][ 1430187ms][NIPPNT] - CreateInstalledPortEntry -
RegCreateKeyEx (Installed PortNames) failed (87)

[00000768 : 1430640ms][NIPPLIB] - FindDriverAndGetInfo - RegOpenKeyEx
failed 2

[00000768 : 1442015ms][NIPPLIB] - GetDriverInstallInfo - DrvInstall
failed 995 [NIPPLIB] - iPrint Driver Install - Unknown installation error

So, there you have it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!