We have 2 netware servers that were running 6.0. They have since been
upgraded to novell 6.5. Since the upgrade we are having Windows spooler
errors like crazy. This seems to be tied to the specific client and
multiple users on the same printer will not have troubles, but any user on
this machine has spooler problems to any printer...iprint or not. Some
symptoms are a spooler error, and the printers may or may not show in the
printers folder. If they show I can't remove them, if they don't show and I
try to install them I got an iprint message that the printer is already
installed. Sometimes the print jobs complete (with the spooler error) and
sometimes they do not.
One machine I am trying to find a fix for is as follows:
-Win XP sp1 and all updates except sp2.
-Novell Client was 4.90 sp2, upgraded it to 4.91
-Zenworks was installed on this workstation but has since been removed.
-I upgraded the i-print client to the lastest I was able to find on the
Novell site.

Since the client and iprint updates were applied no printers show in the
printers folder, when I go to the iprint printer install page it seems to
allow me to install the printers however the install process stops the
Print Spooler service everytime. Starting the service manually does not
reslove the issues.

Any ideas you can provide are greatly appreciated.