I have two users who use Wordpad 75% of the day for programming.
Twenty to thirty times a day they select a portion of the program to
print on an IPP printer (HP2100 PCL6). Yesterday I installed XP SP2 on
both computers and now when they select print it takes a full 20
seconds for the printer to appear (no matter which IPP printer they
choose). word, Excel, Notepad and anything else do not exhibit this

Calculate it out 20 times 20 is 400 seconds a day just waiting for a
printer to appear.
I ran sfc /scannow, re-installed iPrint, reinstalled the printers, did
full windows critical update, ran Spy Bot Search & Destroy (We have
Mcafee Enterprise and CounterSpy Enterprise running in the background).
Updated client from 4.90SP1 to a fully patched 4.9.1 TCIP only with SLP.

I actually found a critical update for Wordpad at Microsoft
(WindowsXP-KB885836-x86-Enu.exe) and installed that.

I hooked up my computer to their subnet and tried doing what they do
Open one of their files, select a portion and print to their printer)
and I didn't have that problem, took me about 4 seconds after I was
back on my subnet.

Not sure of iPrint version Nipp.exe is dated 12/6/04. Server is

I have switched them over to TextPad 4.73, which they prefer to Wordpad.
But it seems to indicate somnething wrong with their windows XP Pro SP2
and or IPP printer installation.