We are experiencing major problems with printing. We are a very large
college with 3000 workstations running windows 2000 and the students have
just come back after there break for summer. They are having issues where
there printers which are deployed by IPrint policies are disappearing. After
much investigation we have found that it was due to the install of the above
update during the holiday period. It seems that this problem only occurs
when trying to print to older Deskjet printers. We are running a mixture of
Netware 6.5 SP3, Netware 6.5 SP2, Netware 6 SP5 Servers. Using Zenworks for
Desktop 4. Have Netware client 4.91 and IPrint Client version 4.05. When you
try to print you get a spool error and when you check to see what printers
are installed it is empty. If you then restart the spooler service then the
printer re-appear. I really want to know if anyone else is also experiencing
these problems, we can't be the only people who have applied this update.
Please let me know if anyone has got a quick fix for sorting this problem

Your help would be most appreciated.


Jonathan Williams

System Engineer (City of Bristol College)