Netware 6.5 SP3 and SP4, Secure iPrint, Windows XP SP2. iPrint client
4.06 and 4.11.

iPrint team -

The above error in the Apache2 error log (as per previous thread) is
being reported more and more.
After closer analysis it appears that these are the salient points in
our test scenarios -

1) All 'older' userids (pre SP3?) produce this error when authenticating
with the iPrint client.

2) Newly created userids in SP3 and SP4 do not produce this error.

3) There is no mechanical difference in the way the older and newer
userids were created.

3) The error occurs on successful authentication and does not give the
user and error on authentication.

4) When there is a problem with authentication (for any number of other
unrelated reasons) and the administrator looks at the Apache error logs,
this error is there and therefore an incorrect association is made
between failed authentication and the 'no acceptable variant' error as
the error occurs anyway on successful authentication.

Why are our error logs filling up with this error and what does it mean?

Many Thanks