Just installed a new OES SLES 9 server with the latest ISO images from
Novell. I won't go into details of the wrinkles I had to iron out to get
iManager, and NoRM working as advertised, but so far I have created a
Driver a driver store and iprint manager.

BUT, I still can't get to the Health Monitor, which the online
documentation for iPrint on Linux says can be reached at (see
This gives a login dialog for the "Realm" Mason_Tree (our tree name), but
it rejects all credentials -- .admin.mason, admin.mason, root -- returning
to the login dialog as each one is tried. When I use cn=admi.o=mason, I get
"The page cannot be displayed" IE problem. When I press Cancel in the login
dialog, I get a 401 "Authentication Required!" page. offers me a certificate, but gives a 400
"Page cannot be found" page.

So, I guess we have a "working" SLES 9 OES iPrint server, but can't get to
an important web page that is supposed to be there.

Richard White
Network Engineer
Mason County, Washington