We have 2 Brokers and Managers running on our local LAN.

We are in the process of installing a new remote office server. Link is Kilostream hence pretty slow.

Have installed NDPS Manager on remote office server and as yet have no created any printers.

My question relates to how drivers are delivered from the Brokers.

When a PC selects to install a Printer Driver does the Printer Agents associated Manager download the driver from the Broker that it is associated with or does it use some other mechanism to select which Broker to use.

The reason I ask is that once the new server is relocated to the Remote Office we will use Imanager to create appropriate Printer Agents. Obviously as there is no Broker on the server then the drivers will be delivered over the slow WAN link from our local lan Brokers.

If I install a Broker on the Remote Office server will the driver be delivered from there as it is running on the same server as the Manager or how does it decide on the Broker to use.

Also if the Broker is installed on the remote office server is there a chance that PCs on our local lan will have drivers delivered from the Broker on the remote server hence killing the link.