I'm running IPrint on a Win 2003 Terminal server. Everything works...but
we're having some serious printing speed issues to some printers. After
doing some looking around, I found this in ipperrs.txt.

9/13/2005 - 12:37:45 PM
Module: spoolsv.exe
Trace Info: ippmain.c, line 9155, thread 000016F4
Routine: GetPrinterInfoWithGoodStatus - Not our printer
Error: The printer name is invalid.

When looking at the NDPS Manager and Printer properties, the IPP url exactly
as it should be. I turned off print status and notifications, which seemed
to help a little. Errors like the one above are very common though, and I'm
making the assumption that these errors are causing issues with speed. Even
getting printer properties up can take over a minute with notifications and
status turned on.

So, anyone ever seen the error above? I cannot find anything to get rid of
the \\ in front of ipp://, furthermore, there is a \ where there should be a
/ between the IP address and the printer name. Everything about the
printers looks fine otherwise.