Last month, there was a discussion about this subject. I now need to
provide this capability to our help desk.

NW65SP3 based, XPSP2 clients with iPrint 4.11 just installed. Several of
our users still print to the legacy queue system that iPrint is handling the
final printing. Will all our users need to be completely on iPrint before
this will work?

Ref: Discussion from last month:

Problem here is even though you have given them rights, if the printer is
not a secure printer, there is no authentication, hence there is no
identity passed with the request to delete. Therefore, trying to delete
other submitters jobs will fail because there is no established identity
via a non-secure printer. You use to be able to spoof the backend by
changing the url used in the request to a secure url, however, with the
advent of TLS, security on the url was tightened. We are looking at
ways to relax this, provided proper authentication and identity is

> I recently attempted to give certain users the ability to delete print
> jobs from the queues of 3 printers by making them operators in iPrint.
> Yet when they try to do so, they are unable to do it. They have tried
> from both the Windows printer object and the URL,
> http://server:631/ipp where they choose the applicabel printer and
> then job list. The security level for these printers is Medium. I am
> fairly new to iPrint. What else do I need to do to allow these users
> to delete?
> Thanks,
> -Marc Johnson

Any help would be appreciated.

Kirby T. Kenyon
Sr. Systems Administrator
Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY