Ok, so I am making some progress...

I can get iManager to do more against iprint in Sp4, if I upgrade the
server via NWConfig, rename sys:tomcat to sys:tomcat.old, run the
NWdeploy tool from the overlay CD, and reinstall Tomcat and iManager.

Otherwise, on 3 servers now, it remains at iman 2.02.

Anyway, finally successfully upload some PPD drivers, so I can test Mac
iPrint. This is a royal pain, since th client won't install without a
driver attached, but what do you do when you are screwed and unable to
add a driver? I think the clients behavior should allow for installing
a printer and selecting a driver. At least let the Admin choose to
allow this or not.

So I was thinking, awesome, it is all working now.

Manage Printer, Printer drivers, I get:

Service Error: Unclassified server error
Object Identification: .telmrtg-ndpsm.servers.yorku

For all the driver tabs I choose...

Argh! Logger screen on the console says the same basic thing:

Service Error: Unclassified server error
Object Identification: .telmrtg-ndpsm.servers.yorku

Great, I get an unclassified error!

Server is NW6.5 Sp4 no patches. WAS NW6.5 Sp2, with lots of patches, in
place install of NW65sp4 via Nwconfig. Then a delete of the tomcat dir,
and a reinstall from the SP4 Overlay CD's NWdeploy.

I have the 4.11 iPrint client installed on WinXP Sp2. I am successfully
authed against the tree with the printers in it.

Any hints? This seems like an iManager thing, or at least a snapin
thing, more than an iPrint thing directly. Which is somewhat of what
makes it so frustrating!

Is there anyway Bart and crew can add driver upload and config stuff
into the NDPS Manager code in NoRM? (Cuz that stuff ALWAYS works! And
is reliable, and I trust it, and I can easily fix what breaks. None of
those things describes imanager...)