A printer we have here is currently being used by a Netware NDPS
printer, a Windows 2000 terminal server usint the IP address, and an
Alpha runing VMS also pointing to the IP address & port 9100. This
situation is causing conflicts, and I would like to have them all print
through one queue. Can I do this using iPrint & IPP??

I tried installing the iPrint client on the Terminal Server, but when I
try to install the printer, the web browser window hangs. What can I do
to make this work on Terminal Services?

For the VMS printer, I tried following TID 10026897, which says it is
for UNIX, but didn't have any success.

Changing anything on the VMS side will be difficult. To avoid VMS
changes, I tried changing the IP of the printer, then made a new
NDPS/iPrint printer with the same name as the VMS was used to. Next I
assigned the former printer address to the Netware server under inetcfg
as a second IP address. Printing from the VMS system didn't work.

Any thoughts?