After the trials and tribulations of getting drivers loaded, I managed
to get everything going for iPrint from a Mac.

I have iPrint/NDPS working, forwarding jobs via LPR to a real queue
recieveing it via NWUXPS's Exported Queues. (We have many queues doing
this and it is in production).

I install the iprint 1.1 client.

Problem 1) Tells me it will not install off a network drive? Huh? I
almost ALWAYS want to install of a network drive. My home dir is
networked, my downloads are to my home dir...

So why?

Fine, copy it local, install, go to http://server/ipp see my printer
list, select a printer, it gets installed, I get asked to auth.

All is good. Send a job.

Logout, login as a different user, authed via Kanaka plugin from
Condrey Consulting. It mounts your home dir out of AFP but without
requiring the schema mods and attribs on each user to define the AFP
home dir, it converts the volume name in eDir to an AFP name on the fly
via its plugin. Cool tool!

Get the following (listed via JRB's PQLIST showing username (which is
blank because it is LPR inbound) and job description).

Username (normally) Description
<0> PLPD job from telmrtg user: ykutest3
<0> PLPD job from telmrtg user: rinters

The <0> is our page counting software ITC systems ITCPRTQ.NLM adding a
page count to it. The zero page count is something we need to address
but it may be a driver/ITC issue.

What I don't get is why the first time I got the username I authed
with, which was fine.

Second time, after a Mac logout, login, I did not get prompted to Auth
by iPrint even though it is a SSL high security printer, and the
username it is sending is "rinters"?? Obviously printers minus the P,
but whats up with that?