I skipped sp3 so I can't say if it started here.

I was very happy now that iPrint works with firefox and Mozilla.
However now it doesn't work with Internet Explorer :) Well it does but
there's a lot more user intervention. The issue is with Windows XP sp2.
When you install a printer it attempts to pop up the set as default
dialog. If popup blocking is enabled (which it is by default on sp2
systems) it can't do this. Windows puts the appropriate yellow bar at
the top of the browser but Novell puts a dialog box up saying that pop
up blocking is enabled. The problem is this. You can't get to the
yellow bar to enable popups, and when you clear the dialog box the
yellow bar goes away, so I have to have users manually go into prefs and
add the server as a site that popups are allowed from.

This is only when installing off a map. If you do it from the pcontrol
page it's ok.

Basically if Novell didn't pop up the dialog box that says pop blocking
must be disabled to use iPrint, then the user could click it on the
yellow bar and allow the popups.