I've opened a ticket with NTS but it was subsequently closed so I'm looking
for some people more inclined to help!

We managed to get the secure printing configuration straightened out on our
iPrint / NW65SP3 system but there are a few users (me for one!) that can't
authenticate no mater what we do. I've just discovered that I have an alias
object in an OU in another OU from my user object and, when that object is
deleted, I can authenticate.

I've scoured the newsgroup and read as many TIDs as my eyes can stand and it
appears that the LDAP lookup is supposed to only be interested in
objectClass=Users, not alias objects. The LDAP server is also set to
dereference aliases. I obviously missed something but I can't fathom what
it is.

Any ideas? We have several users with alias objects so this really needs to

Kirby T. Kenyon
Le Moyne College