We replaced a Tektronics Phaser 850dp with a Xerox Phaser 8550dx. The
ip address was transferred to the new printer but the old printer was
not yet removed from nds.

On windows 98 systems the printer installed fine through iprint and will
print successfully when doing a test print from the properties of the
printer. The printer will not print from any other application.

The print jobs just disappear into thin air and no error is given.

The old Tektronics iprinter actually works with the new Xerox. If we
print to that printer the job successfully prints on the Xerox. If we
change the driver on the Xerox to use the Tektronics driver, the Xerox
will print successfully from any application.

This appears to be a driver issue with iPrint. We have tried the
drivers included on the Xerox Cd and the latest drivers from the web.

Any suggestions?