i have had a call open with novell for 5 months and it is going no-where
even though it is easily reproduceable, so i will try here as i see some
good iprint guys hang out here.

if I take a machine with windows xp sp2 and any novell 4.9x client and any
version of iprint, and enable the windows snmp service, the first time you
login after starting your machine you will be prompted by iprint for
authentication. stop the snmp service and it goes away. this was first
documented 2 years ago in this TID :-
but nothing has been done about it. my support provider can reproduce this
issue as well, but novell european support are saying they cannot reproduce

My support provider offered to send them a vmware image of a clean xp
machine and just the client & iprint and they said they can't do anything
with a vmware image, and here the call is sitting.

please can someone help me finally get this fixed, when i first logged the
call I did get to talk to a novell support tech who said that this issue was
not exclusive to the snmp service, but that the snmp service was a good way
of reproducing the issue.


Nathan Lock