I'm not on either iPrint or OES yet so have much to learn about both.
My question right now is licensing. I'm still using RPrinter/NPrinter
queues and PServer on NW 5.1, which does not consume any NetWare
licenses. What is the story with pure iPrint (as opposed to NDPS) on
OES? Are licenses needed for the printers serviced? And is iPrint only
a driver and connection management facilitator between clients and the
printers, or is it also a spooler that manages print queues on the
server? Finally, do the hardware print servers on the network require
any iPrint-specific intelligence or is IPP capability sufficient?

Oh yes, one more. For a smooth transition, are PServer and
RPrinter/NPrinter queues supported on OES, until we can get to pure
iPrint? If not, what is the best migration path? I'm not sure some of
our older print servers support IPP so we may not be able to migrate
fully overnight if that is a requirement. For print servers that do not
support IPP, what is the alternative?

Gerald Reynolds