This is an issue that I have encountered in two separate installations. In
both I started with NW 6.5 SP3 and encountered this error when I tried
adding a WIN 2000 or XP printer driver using iManager - Exception saving
resource print drivers configuration
NDPS Library Error Category: 1060004h
Other Error: FFFFFC50h

Tried and XP SP2 workstation and a WIN2000 workstation. Novell Client 4.91
and 4.91 SP1. It copies the diver and the printer show up in the list, when
you click apply the error pops up.(Browser - IE version 6.0.2800.1106)

Tried iprint client 4.06 on the workstation. Did not fix the problem.
Applied SP4a and iprint client 4.12. This did not fixed the problem.

Looked at TID 10090590 and 10094013. These talk about the same issue but
the fix do not seem to apply here. (NDPSM.NLM in SP4a is dated Aug 25, 2005).

I have been able to use NWADMN to add 2000 drivers. Seems like this is a
bug. Is there is another workaround?