I have an NW6.5sp3+ server that has been setup with NDPS for 6 printers.

I have a new HP CLJ4700 that I need to add...hadn't done anything related
to printers in a while (its a setup once, get it working and not have to do
anything with it for awhile)

So I have been combing thru the forums and have found some great info...and
I have learned of the convert tool (pacvrt2g.exe) and will be trying that
as I have setup on the HP gateway (and have been recently having problems
with print jobs not printing completely...among other things)

I have a question regarding something I saw on the forums, regarding
managers and brokers....were they only needed if you were servicing queues?

My current network is IP based (no queue printing) and the printers are
HP's so I wonder what the best setup should be.

on my server screen list I have
NDPS Broker
NDPS Manager
HP NDPS Console Screen

If I try to do NDPS with the Novell Gateway, I am confused if I need the
Broker and Manager and I assume the HP gateway will no longer be needed.

So would I just be running the convert tool and be good to go or do I have
other things then that need to be 'cleaned up'