I know I have posted this already but I can't still seem to fix the issue.
I'm trying to create a NDPS printer in nwadmin. When I create the printer
and select novell printer gateway and click ok. The next window pops up and
is empty. I can't do anything at all. I have to ctrl-alt-del and end task to
nwadmin. I can create ndps printers using any other gateways HP, Xerox, etc
and continue the screens. I'm familiar using HP Gateway but I do not want to
use this process b/c HP Gateway is not supported any more and the right way
is to use Novell Gateway.

This is a new Netware 6.5 server with service pack 4a
Client workstation is 4.91 with SP1. Operating system is Windows XP. I have
installed IPrint on server and created a broker and manager. Do I need to
install IManage on NW 6.5 to create printers using Novell Gateway? Please
let me know if you can help.